On-board Unit and Hardware 

DLU-110 - AI-compatible on-board computer – OEM-product 

The universal on-board computer „DLU-110“ is built after the latest standards and, therefore, integrates a highly performative central-processing-unit, that now inheres the ability to process AIand deep-learning-algorithms directly in the vehicle. By that, complex data-processing-actions are performed outright where they occur, and their outcomes can be provided and used in real-time. Additionally, various integrated interfaces, that are connected to the vehicle or other systems, enable the use of the on-board computer as a vehicle-server. The Gbit-Ethernet-interface and an additional 100Mbit-Ethernet-interface make the collection of a large amount of data possible, which can then be stored on the exchangeable SSD-data-storage.


  • Energy-efficient ARM-processor
  • Optionally high-performance-processing-units for AI-applications of the NVIDIA® Jetson™-platform
  • Removable data storage (NAS-function) with SSD 2TB to 9TB
  • Various interfaces and connections to enable On-board computer funcionality
  • Triaxial acceleration- and inclination-sensor
  • Status-LED for visual function-control of interfaces

SSU-110 – Versatile vehicle-computer for data-management and -storage 

The universal computer-module „SSU-110” for data-processing and –recording is a narrow and lightweight device for application in vehicles. Access to the data-storage-medium, being a CompactFlash-card that can be variably equipped in extent, is granted by standard Access-Protocols additionally to the configuration of existing ethernet-interfaces. Possible system-functionalities reach from sole recording of big data-quantities over the control of network-communication to complex data-processing in the vehicle.


  • „On-board-computer light“ including data-management and dataset-formation for several comfort-systems
  • Removable data storage unit (NAS-function) with CompactFlash card (up to 128GB) and Protection against unauthorised removal
  • Streaming of 2D/3D-sensordata from counting-sensors (e.g.: for video-comparison-counting)
  • Status-LED for visual function-control of interfaces

GGM-220 – Compact LTE-cellular modem with GNSS-positioning-module 

Comfort-application-areas in vehicles require real-time-communication with a stationary background-system or data-gateways for ideal functioning. The UMTS-/LTE-data modem “GGM-220” combines the internal comfort-ethernet-network with landside-background-systems and integrates a GNSS-positioning-component for continuous acquisition of vehicle-positioning and calibration of system-time, by making use of comprehensive, digital, public mobile-communication networks.


  • Combines internal (comfort-)Ethernet-network with landside background-system
  • Uses comprehensive, digital, public mobile-communication networks
  • Integrates GNSS-positioning-module
  • Status-LED for visual function-control of interfaces
  • Additional functions: visual function-signalization, configurable safety-settings, routing, central connection of various applications in the vehicle, …