Automatic Passenger Counting | APC 

APC-vehicle technology 

In the last 20 years the vehicle technology of automatic passenger counting (APC) systems evolved rapidly. In this time, we achieved great expertise in this field and are able to let you and your company profit from our experience. Next to providing you with the newest innovations in the field of sensor technology, we are assisting you with the regulations of the VDV-guideline 457 to ensure the best possible solution for your needs. Our highly advanced counting systems reach an accuracy of up to 99% (after VDV457 v2.1), so that resulting data can be utilized after the standard of the revenue-sharing-procedure.

The approval for the APC-system can be systematically supported by recording and analyzing sensor-data-streams (2D/3D-data). Whether you need a highly accurate counting systems or systems for real-time-occupancy-measurement – we are happy to assist you in your decision.

Our counting systems reach a new level of flexibility as a virtualized solution. In this case, the APC on-board computer functionality for buses and trains can simply be transferred to a central vehicle router or computer without additional hardware. Learn more about the joint solution from Unwired Networks and INTERAUTOMATION.


  • Latest sensor technology for highly accurate counting and occupancy measurements
  • Person- and object-detection
  • Counting accuracy of up to 99% after VDV457 v2.1
  • Experts and co-authors of the VDV457-guideline
  • Virtual APC on-board computer application on central vehicle router/computer


| Factsheet virtual AFZ on-board computer application for central vehicle components

Neural APC (NAPC) 

The Neural APC was developed by INTERAUTOMATION as a self-efficient algorithm that evaluates 3D-video-data with the help of neural networks (AI). It can be flexibly applied, which means that it can be used parallel or in exchange with sensor-inherent counting-algorithms. That ensures a highly accurate counting-quality. The NAPC is able to reliably evaluate challenging counting-situations through its potential to recognize persons and objects distinctly, which leads to high precision in the counting-process. The usage of neural networks trains the algorithm and leads to high efficiency and better, sustainable counting-results in your vehicles.


  • AI-based counting-algorithm ensures best possible counting-quality
  • Fast adoption of counting-algorithms to changing incidents
  • Flexible usage – parallel or as replacement for sensor-inherent counting algorithms
  • New level of object-recognition and distinction

APC-quality-assurance with VisualCount and Depth Sensing Unit (DSU) 

As a provider of highly accurate APC-systems, we have to ensure their quality on a regular basis. We have been concerning ourselves with the APC-quality-assurance for years, to assist you in the process of operational acceptance and certification.
Along with recording the initial 2D/3D-sensor-data for the purpose of a video-comparison-count, we offer the DSU (depth sensing unit) to collect video data. The DSU is a mobile recording-unit, that is installed temporarily in the door-area of the vehicle to collect GDPR-conform 3D-video-data. With the browser-based desktop-application VisualCount, this data, as well as the original 2D/3D-Sensordata can be allocated to the fitting stops and counted out securely. VisualCount enables you to actively save costs, because the effort is minimized to up to 50% in contrast to conventional comparison-counts.


  • Resource-preserving recording of APC-sensordata for comparison-count
  • Mobile sensor DSU as alternative image-data-source
  • Automatic allocation of video data to halts – elimination of manual disruption-sources
  • Intuitive counting through gamification-approach
  • Cost-saving of up to 50% in contrast to conventional comparison-counts

InLineWeb.APC - evaluation and analysis 

With the module InLineWeb.APC you are granted access to automatic passenger-counting-data (APC-data) and the whole post-processing-chain. InLineWeb.APC assists you in allocating the APC-data to the fitting journeys. It is capable of the statistical processes that are predetermined by the VDV457-guideline regarding the journey-adjustment and knows technical specifics like the “waiting room”. Additionally, the module grants you the possibility to detect technical disruptions and error indications, so these can be corrected in a workshop as fast as possible. Next to data-processing, InLineWeb.APC inheres several standard- and individual export-possibilities as evidence for transport performance or operational analysis regarding optimization and planning. InLineWeb.APC is not manufacturer-bound and can be applied with APC-data of any vehicle-system.


  • Automatic allocation of APC-Data to journeys
  • Manual processing and approval-possibilities in post-processing incl. protocol
  • Fast detecting of technical errors for immediate initiation of error-resolving matters
  • Statistical post-data-processing after VDV457
  • Several export-possibilities as evidence of performance records or data-analysis