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InLineMobile.FZA - App for train driver 

The app InLineMobile.FZA for the driver, gives you the opportunity to ensure a perfect and uncomplicated information flow between yourself and your employees. Through direct access to the daily timetable of each journey and a list of each vehicle in action/use, employees are able to easily log on to their current journey and automatically receive information regarding its punctuality, possible disturbances or connection-decisions from the control center. Additionally, self-emitted reasons for disturbances can be transferred as information to the control center. Landwards, the control center is able to keep an overview over employees and is granted the possibility for direct communication.

The app grants access to multiple dial count, for example the kilometer reading, the operating hours or the fuel level. Through that, the app is an essential tool for planning workshop stops or maintenance-services.


  • Uncomplicated log-in to journeys through recommendations of vehicles
  • Display of real-time-traffic-situation & prediction of own journey
  • Information and overview regarding connections-relations and control center decisions
  • Overview of train journeys and employees
  • Acquisition of disturbance-information for the control center
  • Acquisition of dial counts (e.g. kilometer readings, operating hours) – ZEDAS-interface
  • Encoded SSL-data communication

InLineMobile.Info - App for train attendants 

With the app InLineMobile.Info employees are well-informed about the operating procedures, so that they are able to pass on information to passengers in great detail. The app inheres an interface to the ITCS-system and receives relevant real-time-information on punctuality, disturbances, journey and possible connections. Besides your own journey, detailed information about other journeys of your company is easily accessible. One key feature of the app is the request for connections to other trains. The control center receives a notification and is able to respond quickly with suitable feedback. Over that, the app grants a possibility to capture disturbances or defects on the train, so they can be summarized in the train record and passed on to a maintenance-system.


  • Log-in to train journeys for a better overview and verification to transport authority
  • Display of real-time-traffic situation/prediction of own journey
  • Overview over operating procedures (punctuality of other journeys)
  • Digital connection requests towards control center with response functionality
  • Overview over train journeys and employees
  • Requisition of disturbances on vehicles for train-record and repair shop
  • Coded SSL-data communication

InLineMobile.SEV - App for real-time-data-generation in rail replacement service 

Rail replacement service is a common practice today, resulting out of railway expansions or maintenance-activities. Usually, the replacement service is only recognizable rudimentary on information media and even control centers often have a problem with giving reliable statements regarding related issues like punctuality and duration of the rail replacement service. We designed the app InLineMobile.SEV to solve this issue. It is connected to the ITCS-system and generates location-information that shows the positions of active busses and, therefore, the rail replacement service can be easily integrated in the existing timetable of your company. As a result, this guarantee a better judgement of the control center over connection-possibilities and a predicting algorithm ensures that drivers are informed about their own punctuality. Similar to the app for drivers, InLineMobile.SEV enables the Log-in to a journey, as well as giving an overview over the timetable, journey-progress and connection-possibilities. Additionally, the occupancy of the current journey is represented by an easy traffic light system that can be passed on by the driver to the control center.


  • Display of operating rail replacement journeys
  • Log-on to rail replacement journeys
  • Display of the journey-timetable and stops of the current journey
  • Overview of possible connections in the journey-chain
  • Tracking of the rail replacement journey and prediction on the basis of Google
  • Response-possibility on the basis of the occupancy