Videoanalysis | VA 

INTERAUTOMATION's video analysis (VA) can be used as a real-time system both separately and in addition to high-precision automatic passenger counting (APC). In both cases, we use the existing security and surveillance cameras for this purpose. Apart from a high-performance on-board computer on which the VA can run, such as our Deep Learning Unit (DLU-110), no further or additional hardware is required.
You can use the video analysis either for autonomous real-time utilization or occupancy determination as well as for object recognition in the future. In combination with a highly accurate APC, you get a high-performance solution that provides you with high-quality real-time data for your control center or passenger information, even if only parts of your fleet are equipped with APC.


  • Use of existing surveillance cameras - No additional system required
  • Real-time video analysis in the vehicle
  • Can be used separately or in conjunction with APC system
  • Occupancy data for the control center and the passenger information system