InLineWeb | ITCS 

The modular Data platform InLineWeb connects the real-time-data vehicle fleet, as well as the employees on site, to the continuous data- and information-flow. Through mobile applications for driver and train attendants, every employee can be connected to necessary information regarding punctuality, connections, journey-report and occupancy. The module “operational management” bundles all information about operational proceedings in real-time. Dispositive measures can be inserted, initiated or disclosed through the “Disposition-Module”. In combination, all modules of InLineWeb grant a “360°-view” on operational proceedings and make an immediate interference possible, if needed. connections to standardized services, as well as individual interfaces to surrounding systems (e.g. Planning, maintenance, etc.), function as a data hub (base).

Operational management- a full overview 

The operational management of InLineWeb always grant a full overview over your fleet and live operational proceedings. InLineWeb prepares the essential Information in a clear structure, that can be easily accessed through a few clicks. Many filter- and sortation functions assist you and your employees in the operational control center to get fast access to the desired information, without time-consuming searches.

Whether you are searching for information on punctuality, occupancy or disturbances on the part of infrastructure or announced by your own employees – InLineWeb operational management helps to give an overview and makes fast adjustments/interference possible.

“InlineWeb successfully assists our employees in the operational control center and passenger-information for several years now. Together with INTERAUTOMATION, we are able to establish a stable and future-proof solution, that can be individually advanced.”

Marius Roth, National Express


  • Fast Overview over operational status
  • Numerous views
  • Several interfaces to surrounding systems already established
  • Numerous filter- and sortation- possibilities
  • Direct SIPcall-connection to employes via Apps

Disposition- for quick adjustments 

The disposition-module allows just-in-time adjustments of the daily timetable, without needing to change the planning system. Through that, changes like cancelled stops, shortened drives or rail replacement service can be communicated directly with tied systems and is immediately reflected in passenger-information. At the same time, the tool generates adjustment-suggestions to complete missing or changed times, so that dispositive interventions can be realized fast and efficiently.


  • Short-term dispositive adjustments don’t have to be transmitted through the planning tool but can be realized directly and fast
  • Adjustments are realized directly through the ITCS-Module of InLineWeb
  • Traceability of adjustments (history)

Dashboard – to focus on the most important operating numbers 

The dashboard, as an additional module, functions as a regulating instrument, to monitor contractual parameters regarding transportation and traffic. Besides getting an overview over interesting contractual parameters, like the general technical condition of the fleet contemplating real-time-data, the tool also generates analyses on the general traction power in comparison to the contractually calculated index value, as well as the automatic passenger counting system. In detailed views, data can be analyzed in detail and even be broken down into individual journeys and stops.


  • Clear, graphic alignment of data
  • Essential contractual transportation parameters in one view
  • Realizes fast interference if needed
  • Detailed views for journeys/halts enable analysis at a deeper level