Driver assistance | DAS 

The driver assistance system (FAS) from INTERAUTOMATION and INAVET helps you to meet the high demands you are facing. This concerns both ecological aspects, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions and the efficient use of resources in the face of extremely increased energy prices, as well as contractual points such as adherence to punctuality and holding times. The FAS provides assistance for both issues. By means of visual (and, if required, acoustic) signals during operation, the driver is supported, for example, in adhering to the punctual departure time and, in the case of possible driving time reserves, also in saving energy. To this end, the system has, among other things, the daily timetable, master data on your vehicles and infrastructure, as well as other relevant data. In addition, the system has real-time data on its own timetable situation, so that energy savings can still be realized even in the event of deviating punctuality.


  • Uses dynamic parameters of the vehicle and knowledge about the route topology
  • Knowledge about timetable and the own punctuality
  • Visual and, if necessary, acoustic information of the driver
  • Ensuring punctuality
  • Energy savings even in the event of delays
  • Proven system - used several times