INTERAUTOMATION equipped 77 metro train units of BVG with systems for automatic passenger counting

[Berlin] INTERAUTOMATION has installed infrared-based systems for automatic passenger counting in metro train units of the Berlin transport services (BVG). A total amount of 77 wide profile and small profile units from five classes were equipped in the years 2013 and 2014 with more than 2,400 components. In addition to a total of 65 double motor coaches, each 6 trains of the newer classes H and HK also got the systems for automatic passenger’s counting. The number of passengers which are determined in the vehicle are transmitted by an aerial interface to the back office system of the BVG, where they can be projected and deliver important knowledge for the traffic planning, company planning an application planning of the BVG.

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Strategic development and extension of the verification context of automatic person- and object counting systems

[Berlin] The current funding project “VeriCon” is a continuation of the predecessor projects “VeriVal” and “AssistedCount”. It is necessary in order to implement high counting accouracies of systems for automatic passenger counting in practicable resource-efficient way. Within the framework of the project, state-of-the-art deep learning technologies will be introduced in mobile counting and the normative work for the further development of the VDV 457 guideline will be continued. The project is supported by means of the European Union form the European Regional Development Fund.

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