An overview of your systems!

Technical systems are frequently complex - this applies particularly to rail transport, since highly diverse processes must be coordinated simultaneously and numerous different types of data processed. The provision of support for these systems poses particular challenges in the form of information management and facility of inspection.

This is where our automatic vehicle monitoring comes in: It enables transport companies to be aware of the status of all system components at all times and to derive recommendations for action from them as required. For example, after replacement of hardware components in the vehicle. Automatic vehicle monitoring finds a software status deviating from the target status. It recommends adjusting the software by way of remote access.

Automatic vehicle monitoring not only accesses current information in the system, but also compares it with historical data (e.g. protocolled maintenance jobs, software updates or error notifications) if necessary, to analyse them with respect to current requirements and to evaluate them.

Optional set-up assistants permit you to check the functionality of INTERAUTOMATION system hardware in the vehicle after maintenance and assembly work, and to put it into operation. The set-up assistant connects via network interface with each vehicle’s system by INTERAUTOMATION and leads the maintenance personnel through the vehicle as well as through the set-up process. The input during the set-up happens via a browser based frontend. Afterwards the input can be exported in a set-up document and is able to be securely stored in an archive.

Automatic vehicle monitoring supports coordination between different maintenance cycles and by providing extensive information on the system status, it assists in the optimisation of operational procedures.

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